July 03, 2005

Bishop indicted again


By Anthony Spangler
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH - Bishop Terry Hornbuckle was indicted Wednesday on new charges of drugging and sexually assaulting two women, and also of threatening and offering bribes to witnesseses.

The women came forward with their accusations after Hornbuckle was arrested in March on four charges of sexual assault involving three other women. All of the women were members of Agape Christian Fellowship and they allege that Hornbuckle, 43, used his position to gain their trust and sexually assault them.

Hornbuckle was released from jail Wednesday on $905,000 bail.

A Tarrant County grand jury returned five indictments Wednesday accusing Hornbuckle of two charges of sexual assault, one charge of retaliation, one charge of tampering with a witness, and one charge of drug possession.

Before Wednesday's indictments, Hornbuckle, his attorney and publicist had steadfastly claimed that he is innocent.

In two of the earlier cases, he is accused of using date-rape drugs. The three women also filed personal injury lawsuits against him.

Prosecutors allege that Hornbuckle threatened and attempted to bribe witnesses in late December.

According to court documents, Hornbuckle threatened to fire an Agape employee if that person testified against him. The employee, whose name was blacked out on publicly released documents, is a prospective witness in Hornbuckle's cases.

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