July 01, 2005

Church's Dye leaves abuse-outreach post

The Seattle Times

Jessie Dye, the Seattle Roman Catholic Archdiocese's outreach coordinator for clergy-abuse victims, has resigned.

Some victims had objected to Dye, who is an attorney, saying they were concerned that she was working with the archdiocese's legal-defense team and that having an attorney as the victim-outreach coordinator would deter other victims from coming forward.

Dye had objected to those characterizations, saying she had not practiced law since getting her degree in 1976, that her specialty was in mediation, and that she has worked as a church ombudsman on sexual-abuse issues for years.

Her resignation is not a response to victims' objections, she said yesterday; rather, she wanted to take time off and then work on long-term projects.

Posted by kshaw at July 1, 2005 07:05 AM