May 27, 2005



(AGI) - Palermo, Italy, May 24 - "Today's operation once again highlighted what we have been reporting for some time: the social danger of the paedo-pornography phenomenon", stated, Giovanni Arena, chairman of Telefono Arcobaleno, the association which had pressed the charges which ended in the blitz in Syracuse, investigating 186 people in all of Italy, including three priests. Arena highlights: "It is not a coincidence that there are representatives of the Church, educators and public administrators among the investigated. Individuals who, also for professional reasons, paradoxically can be in contact with children every day." According to Arena the broadness of the phenomenon should make us think on the "necessity of regulations that safeguard minors even more. A concrete need, and I think that what happened a few days ago in Verona confirms our thought: the trial against a man on whose computer investigators found 82,634 files with paedo-pornographic content downloaded from an internet site and 33 videotapes of the same kind. The suspect struck a deal, ending his legal issue with a payment of 3,000 euro and returning home without a criminal record because the current law does not expect a mention of the sentence, even though Telefono Arcobaleno (who had tracked down and reported the man) sued for damages in a criminal court."

Posted by kshaw at May 27, 2005 06:55 AM