May 27, 2005

Retired teacher regains Seward church membership

Lincoln Journal Star

BY ART HOVEY / Lincoln Journal Star

Seward resident Arlen Meyer, excommunicated from St. John Lutheran Church in March, has been reinstated to full membership by a vote of the congregation.

The Rev. Mark Cutler read from a prepared statement Thursday that said, in part, that "the congregation in meeting assembled has removed the excommunication placed on Arlen and has restored him to Christian fellowship in this congregation."

Meyer, retired from teaching after a long career at St. John Lutheran School, was the subject of a 2002 Nebraska State Patrol investigation into acts of alleged sexual misconduct against students.

He has never been criminally charged, but Congregational Chairman Ray Huebschman said in March that a count of written ballots at a special church meeting resulted in "a clear majority" favoring excommunication.

The statement quoted by Cutler Thursday, which also cited "evidence of repentance," will be handed out this weekend to the 1,100 people who usually attend four services at Seward's largest church.

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