May 24, 2005

Woman Accused In Sex Abuse Case In Court


Detectives search a local storage unit for more clues in a bizarre church sex abuse case unfolding in Louisiana.

The pastor of the church and a sheriff's deputy are among those accused of having sex with children.

It was a Columbus woman who led police to the church. Tuesday, her alleged involvement landed her in a Franklin County courtroom.

Nicole Bernard waived her right to extradition and will be headed back to Louisiana sometime this week. Bernard is charged with multiple counts of aggravated rape against a juvenile.

In court documents obtained by 10TV, Bernard told investigators of satanic sexual rituals she and other adults participated in over a long period of time involving children.

The cult-like ceremonies took place at the Hosanna Church, about 30 minutes outside of Louisiana.

Posted by kshaw at May 24, 2005 11:53 AM