May 23, 2005

Disgraced priest group claims victim status

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Matt C. Abbott
May 23, 2005

Another update in a seemingly never-ending, but still interesting, situation:

The Society of St. John, a suppressed clerical association that, along with the Diocese of Scranton, was the target of a (recently-settled) sex abuse lawsuit, has claimed victim status.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Bond, president of the College of St. Justin Martyr (an institution formerly affiliated with the SSJ), the group "has posted on its web site a 'Press Release' and a 'Letter to Benefactors' (, both of which provide evidence that madness is not the cause of evil, but rather that evil is the cause of madness.

"Indeed, the SSJ has now reached a stage that can only be called delusional.

"In their press release, the SSJ claims that the sale of their Shohola property 'gives evidence to the Society's claim that their project is financially viable.' Yes, you read that right. The SSJ is claiming their project is 'viable.'

Posted by kshaw at May 23, 2005 06:53 AM