May 22, 2005

Boston priest writes U.S. Rep.

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Matt C. Abbott
May 22, 2005

The Rev. Robert J. Carr of St. Benedict's Parish in Somerville, Mass. has written the following (edited) letter to U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch:

Dear Mr. Lynch,

I read in the Boston Herald that John Harris [an alleged victim of the Rev. Paul Shanley] wants a congressional investigation into the crisis in the Church. I support it, but I'd like to include how the media and government handled the crisis in the Church.

I have been calling for this publicly for several years. As a United States Navy Veteran (STG2), I witnessed terrible things done to my parishioners with the full support of our state government and media. You will find a list of them in the first column I wrote for Catholic Online in which I describe my innocent parishioners as true Catholic heroes:

I am well-known as the author of Be Fooled No More, a list of agendas using the crisis behind the scenes to stage a coup of the Roman Catholic Church. I removed it down for awhile to concentrate more on my primary role of serving the people, but I put it up now for your inspection and the inspection of some others.

Posted by kshaw at May 22, 2005 07:38 AM