May 19, 2005

Beine defrocked by the Vatican


By Robert Patrick
Of the Post-Dispatch

Former school counselor and Roman Catholic priest James Beine has been defrocked by the Vatican, the St. Louis Archdiocese announced Thursday.

James Beine’s name was on a list of just under 12 priests submitted to the Vatican in October of 2003, Archdiocesan spokesman Jamie Allman said by telephone Thursday.

The Archdiocese submitted Beine’s name “for the welfare of all children and for the welfare of the Church,” according to a news release.

“James Beine had credible allegations of sexual abuse… going back 30 years,” Allman said.

After then-Cardinal John J. Carberry revoked his priestly faculties in 1977, Beine started his own church.

Posted by kshaw at May 19, 2005 08:12 PM