May 19, 2005

A holy outrage

San Bernardino Sun

By Valerie Kuklenski
Staff Writer

The scandalous epidemic of priests sexually molesting children that came to light in Boston in 2002 may seem like old news to a public that has moved on to other headlines such as Michael Jackson's trial.

But the subject always will be raw for the survivors violated by such trusted figures, the relatives who cope with their emotional baggage, and the teachers and bosses of those survivors who cannot earn their trust.

Showtime's dramatization of the most notorious cases, "Our Fathers," debuts Saturday as recent headlines serve as reminders of the scope of the problem. Last week, a videotaped deposition by former Catholic priest Oliver O'Grady surfaced, showing him describing his seduction technique that led to multiple assaults on young children in Stockton while Cardinal Roger Mahony was the bishop there. And voluminous files released this week related to the $100 million settlement between the Orange Diocese and 90 plaintiffs shows bishops there also covered up for and transferred known pedophile priests for more than two decades.

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