May 18, 2005

2005 Catholic Church sexual-abuse settlements since Diocese of Orange settlement

The Orange County Register

MAY 2005

Altoona-Johnstownand Greensburg, Pa., dioceses, et. al.;

one plaintiff; three priests;

amount undisclosed

APRIL 2005

Manchester, N.H.,diocese; four plaintiffs; three priests; amount undisclosed (six-figure range)

Santa Rosa diocese; one plaintiff, one priest; $3.3 million "The largest settlement for a female victim of sexual abuse by a priest in this country and the third-largest for any California victim."

Fort Worth, Texas,diocese and Worcester, Mass.,diocese; one plaintiff; one priest (first of two cases against same priest); $1.4 million; one plaintiff; one priest (second case against same priest); $2.75 million. Money to come from Fort Worth Diocese.

Peoria, Ill.,diocese; one plaintiff; three priests; amount undisclosed

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