May 18, 2005

Pledging vigilance

The Orange County Register

The Orange County Register

Joelle Casteix is just back from a visit to the Midwestern college where the man she says abused her teaches.

She tried to tell the college president about Tom Hodgman, former choirmaster at Mater Dei High School. He told her she was vindictive and turned her away.

The release of Hodgman's records would have lent her credibility, but they were not made public Tuesday; the teacher petitioned to block them.

"I realize that while the battle in Orange County might be slowly coming to a close, the battle nationwide is only starting," she says

During the same trip, she lobbied in Ohio on behalf of a bill similar to the one that lifted the statute of limitations on abuse cases in California during 2002.

"The release of the documents is the ultimate goal in these cases. It is the only way people can see the scope of the cover-up," Casteix says.

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