May 14, 2005

Nun abuse


Most kids who went to a catholic school have stories about 'the nuns.'

Now a story that is for the most part untold.

Allegations that some of those nuns sexually abused children.

The story starts in southern Minnesota. The buildingt sits so stately in the small town of Frontenac and has such a pretty name. Villa Maria. Mary Dunford left home to live there when it was a boarding school run by the Ursuline Nuns.

She told us, "They had quite an emphasis on education and lot of religion and discipline."

Young girls respected the Sisters dressed in their black habits.

What Mary Dunford didn't expect was the darkness she'd find inside one of those habits.

Dunford explained, "She would come into my room every night after the other girls had been in bed. And she would take off her upper clothing down to her waist and then she would kiss me on the mouth a lot and tell me she loved me and pull me to her breasts. At the time Dunford thought she was having an affair with a Catholic nun.

Steve Theisen thought he was too while he attended Sacred Heart Catholic school in Dubuque, Iowa.

Posted by kshaw at May 14, 2005 10:21 AM