May 13, 2005

Scranton Diocese Settles St. John’s Child Sex Charges, Sells Shohola Property

Tri-State News

By Pat Camuso
May 9, 2005, 12:54pm

SHOHOLA TOWNSHIP, Pa- Although two priests were able to draw a walk on criminal charges because of Pennsylvania‘s “statute of limitations,” a civil settlement, along with a concession statement from the Scranton Diocese, has now effectively branded them guilty of sexually abusing a young boy in the name of “spiritual guidance.” The scene of the abuse, the former St. John’s property in Shohola Township, has been sold.

In the case of John Doe vs. the Diocese of Scranton, the Society of St. John, the Fraternity of St, Peter and Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity and Fr Eric Ensey (both founding members of St. Johns in Shohola ), the defendants have agreed to a settlement with the former student of St. Gregory’s Academy in Moscow who also spent time in Shohola.

According to John Doe’s attorney James Bendell, under the terms of the settlement the defendants will pay the plaintiff $255,000 in cash and future periodic payments of $199,550, for a total settlement of $454,550. He now lives in North Carolina.

Bendell said, “During the course of the litigation of this case, information was brought to light concerning the corruption existing at the Society of St. John, a clerical association approved by former bishop James Timlin, who allowed these priests to form a clerical association in the Diocese of Scranton and to act as chaplains at a boys’ prep school after they had been expelled from the Society of St. Pius X. The new bishop of Scranton, Joseph Martino, has since suppressed the Society of St. John.”

The Society of St. John in Shohola was “suppressed” by Scranton Bishop Joseph F. Martino back in November but the organization in Shohola has operated its web site, conducted fundraisers and held services since the suppression.

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