May 12, 2005

Nfld. diocese to sell its churches


Canadian Catholic News
Corner Brook, Nfld.

St. George's Diocese in Western Newfoundland will sell off some or all its churches to stave off bankruptcy and meet an expected $13-million settlement to the sexual abuse victims of one of its priests.

"Our hands are open," said Bishop Douglas Crosby in a May 6 news release. "We have offered everything we have. The future of this diocese and our ministry is now in the hands of those who have suffered the most."

"If we must go bankrupt, then we will do so, accepting our share in their suffering," he said.

On May 8, Crosby read a pastoral letter on the proposal at all Masses at the diocesan cathedral and asked that all celebrants of Masses in the diocese read it too.

"We know the proposal is fair and just," Crosby said. "We know that it represents all we are able to give."

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