May 12, 2005

Inquiry tainted by judge's Cornwall roots, say victims

CBC News

Last updated May 11 2005 09:37 AM EDT
CBC News

OTTAWA The judge appointed to lead the public inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse and cover-up in Cornwall has deep roots in the area, charge victims who have fought to get the examination.

Last month, Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant appointed Justice Normand Glaude to head up the long-awaited look into allegations that a ring of high-ranking officials, professionals and clergy sexually abused boys in the Cornwall area for decades.

The inquiry will examine how the justice system and other public institutions responded to the abuse allegations.

One of the reasons Bryant chose Glaude was because he's not from the Cornwall area. He was born in Sudbury, where he is currently the regional senior justice.

"No, I mean it was very important that the person involved not have any connection," Bryant said last month when he appointed Glaude. "He is from Sudbury and has been in Sudbury for some time now."

Bryant painted Glaude as an outsider, someone who would bring a "fresh perspective" to a troubled town.

But the attorney general didn't mention that Glaude's father was born in St. Raphaels, a few kilometres from Cornwall, nor that his grandparents were married in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

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