May 10, 2005

Parishioner anger understandable: bishop

CBC News

WebPosted May 10 2005 01:13 PM NDT
CBC News

PORT AU PORT PENINSULA The bishop for the diocese of St. George's says he knows parishioners will be displeased with a settlement that could involve the mass sale of churches and other buildings.

The Roman Catholic diocese has reached a tentative deal with lawyers representing men who were molested by Father Kevin Bennett decades ago.

The deal, which would see $13 million in compensation paid to Bennett's 36 victims, would necessitate the sale of churches, as well as land, halls and residences.

"People will be angry, people will be upset, people will be discouraged, people will be disheartened, people will quit," says Bishop Douglas Crosby.

"But I also think people in some places people will be relieved that this process is now underway."

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