May 09, 2005

St. George's asks faithful to donate


WebPosted May 9 2005 07:33 AM NDT
CBC News

CORNER BROOK Parishioners in the Roman Catholic diocese of St. George's were asked Sunday to keep up their financial contributions, as the diocese attempts to cover a $13-million compensation offer for the victims of Father Kevin Bennett.

Bishop Douglas Crosby sent a letter to all churches across the diocese this weekend, appealing for churchgoers to continue their donations.

The diocese revealed details Friday of a proposal to compensate men who were abused as children by Father Kevin Bennett.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2004 the victims could sue the Episcopal Corp. of St. George's, which is based on the west coast of the island.

Bennett was convicted in 1990 of sexually abusing 36 boys while he worked in the diocese, largely in communities on the island's south coast. He served four years in prison.

In addition to using its cash reserves, the diocese will need to sell off some of its properties.

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