May 07, 2005

Archdiocese Faces Abuse Lawsuit


It started with an exclusive 11 news investigation of a local priest. The details of his interaction with one Anchorage man shocked the community. Now, that priest is on administrative leave... And the Archdiocese is in legal trouble over the allegations and evidence collected during our investigation. And the Archdiocese was served with a lawsuit today, alleging Father Bester was sexually inappropriate and aggressive. It says Father Bester was acting as an agent of the Archdiocese at the time... and what's more: it says the Archdiocese should have known better than to leave him in a position of power. And the law suit says Fred May is haunted by what happened. Joe Josephson: "I can certainly say in my dealing with him,” said May’s attorney Joe Josephson, ”that his emotional damage is genuine. There's no question about that. I have seen him in tears over this matter. I think that part of the problem is that it came about out of the blue... it was unexpected and he didn't know what he was walking into.”

Posted by kshaw at May 7, 2005 02:00 PM