May 06, 2005

Priest Caught on Tape


By Ben Deci

An Anchorage Priest on administrative leave today. He's facing accustaions that he used his positon of power to pressure a man into sex.

Those accusations only came to light after an exclusive 11 News investigation. The graphic sexual nature of what we uncovered is deepy disturbing and viewer discretation is certainly advised. But as hard as this may to be listen to, what is perhaps most troubling about this investigation, is that it centers on a spiritual leader, a preist, and it all takes place inside his Anchorage church.

Parishoners here at Our Lady Of Guadelope have reason to rejoice. Right next door they are bulding a new Cathedral. It'll be a million dollar house of worship. But even now, before it's finished, this house is hiding a secret so sinster, it will shake this church to it's foundations. It's revelation: enough to cause doubt for even the intensely devout.

Fredrick May says Father Bob wanted to trade him- sex for work- specifically for a job buidling the new cathedral.

I asked him, "What made you contact us?"

May responded, "I said, man, nobody's gonna believe me. This guy is way up in the church and I ain't not saint. I said they're not going to believe me and so I called Channel 11 News."

May's story of a priest, pushing to perform oral sex on a perspective employee seemed increadible to us too. But he showed us checks for 100, 150, even 500 dollars written to him by Father Robert Bester. Some of those checks written directly from the Church's account.

Posted by kshaw at May 6, 2005 06:05 AM