May 04, 2005

Long line of creditors forms in archdiocese bankruptcy proceedings


5/4/2005, 4:17 p.m. PT
The Associated Press

One plaintiff wants $15 million from the bankrupt Archdiocese of Portland, claiming he was molested by a priest. Another alleged abuse victim wants $2 million. Adolph's Flowers wants $150. Central Catholic High School wants $14,000.

In the coastal town of Florence, nearly 100 claimants are seeking the return of church building fund money held in trust by the archdiocese, and now frozen because of bankruptcy proceedings.

So far, about 430 claims have piled up against the first Roman Catholic archdiocese in the nation to file for bankruptcy because of multimillion-dollar claims of sexual abuse by priests.

Most of the claims are not directly related to abuse, and about 150 of them come from churches, church schools or individuals and other groups with obvious church ties. The archdiocese is holding money in trust for many of them.

A long line of creditors has formed all trying to protect their money from being used as settlements for victims of priest sex abuse.

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