May 04, 2005

Child sex abuse case reopens allegations of paedophile ring


Reporter: Tim Jeanes
ELEANOR HALL: To Tasmania now, where a child sex abuse case has reopened allegations of a paedophile ring with links to the mainland.

The admission by a Tasmanian Anglican priest that he molested 10 teenage boys between 1973 and 1993 has sparked the claims.

The Criminal Court in Hobart has heard that one of the priest's victims had been sent from Queensland to Tasmania.

This report from Tim Jeanes in Hobart.

TIM JEANES: Triggering the latest calls for an inquiry is the case of 57-year-old Louis Victor Daniels, a disgraced Tasmanian Anglican priest who's due to be sentenced next week.

The court has heard his victims included children who were involved in church youth groups with the offences at various locations around Tasmania.

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