May 04, 2005

Former Nun Accuses Local Principal Of Sexual Abuse

The Day

Day Staff Columnist, Enterprise Reporter/Columnist
Published on 5/4/2005

Gabrielle Azzaro says it began when she was a young nun teaching in a parochial school in Pennsylvania.

“I was teaching eighth grade, she was the principal,” Azzaro said Tuesday. “She would come into my bedroom every night and get her sexual needs met and then turn and fall asleep.”

Now, 20 years later, Azzaro has learned that the woman she says abused her is the principal of an elementary school in the diocese of Norwich. Azzaro won't reveal the name of the nun who abused her, she says, “because I don't want press all over the school. I don't want kids involved.”

But she has named her abuser to the diocese and asked that the woman be stripped of her position at the school.

Jacqueline Keller, spokeswoman for the diocese, said Tuesday the diocese is investigating the matter.

“We have heard from Ms. Azzaro and we're already in the process of addressing the concern she has raised,” Keller said.

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