May 02, 2005

Elder HS Sex Offender


Reported and Web Produced by: I-Team
Updated: 05/01/05 21:20:22

9News anchor, on camera: Tonight, a victim of child sex abuse warns the community about the teacher who abused him, a man whose crimes were never reported to police.

9News anchor, on camera: He's speaking out because the Archdiocese refuses to release the names of sex offendors it handled internally, to avoid scandal. The I-Team's Laure Quinlivan has the exclusive.

Laure Quinlivan, I-Team reporter, on set: This victim just found out that he's allowed to talk about the teacher who abused him. He didn't think he could because of this confidential settlement he got in 1993. but the 2003 prosecutor's plea deal with the archdiocese… lifts confidentiality requirements. victims can now… bring out the truth.

Posted by kshaw at May 2, 2005 04:41 PM