May 02, 2005

Former St. Ann priest interviewed on videotape

Naples Daily News

May 2, 2005

His face crumples in a frown and his neck twitches when pelted with questions probing three decades of accusations of a stabbing, sodomy, abuse of power and fathering a child.

"Damns" and "hells" punctuate terse answers from the ex-Naples priest the Catholic Church trusted with the great responsibility of spiritually guiding the faithful, including children.

Those who alleged abuse during William Romero's 1975-76 tenure at St. Ann school and church in Naples say Archdiocese of Miami leaders vowed to bar the now 68-year-old priest from contact with children.

Instead, South Florida church hierarchy shifted Romero from parish to parish where he dealt closely with vulnerable teens and children, his accusers and their lawyers say.

The allegations persisted.

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