March 29, 2005

Child Molestation and A Pastorís Obligation

Dunn Daily Record

Recent and ongoing cases of child abuse have highlighted a dichotomy within some local churches ó how to reconcile accusations of abuse against a member while protecting the rest of the flock.

The first three months of 2005 have seen a succession of allegations of child molestation involving suspects who had access to children through churches. The question remains as to how much, if any, the pastors at the respective churches knew about what was going on and what action they should have taken.

Erwin mailman Lloyd Coats was charged with molesting more than 20 young girls, some while driving a bus for Erwin Church of God. Devan Black was charged with molesting boys while he was a commander in the Royal Rangers program at Gospel Tabernacle Church.

Another case resolved in Harnett County Superior Court last month has left the victimís family concerned at the reluctance of the suspectís pastor to discuss a confession the suspect made in a room full of people.

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