March 28, 2005

Woman seeks payout for priest's twins

Herald Sun

By Sam Lienert

AN Adelaide woman is seeking financial compensation from the Anglican Church after bringing up twin boys fathered by a priest, who allegedly raped her.

The woman says she was raped when she was 19 by Father Leonard Russell Goggs in the vestry of Renmark Anglican church in 1962.

Adelaide diocese administrator Archdeacon John Collas said the church acknowledged the woman was a victim of sexual assault and that Father Goggs, who died in 1979, was the father of the twins.

But Archdeacon Collas said the church did not know whether she had been raped.

The woman's lawyer, Peter Humphries, said the church had provided almost no support to the woman or her children.

"Twin boys were born of this one sexual act and the church have apparently recognised the paternity of those boys almost from day one, but really not provided any assistance towards their upbringing and similarly offered not very much support to their mother," he said.

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