March 26, 2005

Woman: Pastor had sex with me at age 16

New Kerala

[U.S. News] NEW YORK, March 25 : A young woman has testified in New York her pastor, on trial for statutory rape, repeatedly had sex with her so she could become a great evangelist.

William Waynes, 47, is charged with third-degree rape, or statutory rape, and endangering the welfare of a child, Newsday reported Friday.If convicted, he faces four in prison.

Prosecutors say Waynes, who refers to himself as "bishop" of his storefront Pentecostal church, had consensual sexual intercourse with the victim four or five times before her 17th birthday.It is illegal for anyone older than 18 to have sex with anyone younger than 17.

"He would say that the priest should sleep with the virgin," the woman testified Thursday, "and that it's OK to do this because he loved me -- and in order for me to become an evangelist, and to become powerful ...he would have to enter inside me so that his spirit can come from him inside me so that I can become a great evangelist."

Posted by kshaw at March 26, 2005 03:40 AM