March 18, 2005

Bishop Clark discusses arrest of priest


For the first time since the arrest of a local priest accused of downloading child porn on his church computer, Bishop Matthew Clark is talking publicly. The Bishop sat down with NEWS 10NBC Friday and answered tough questions concerning the case of Father Michael Volino who is charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.

NEWS 10NBC learned that a mental evaluation recommended that Volino not be allowed around children but he was teaching at a catholic school at least once a week. “It shouldn't have happened. He should not have been in that school. The fact is that he was and we're trying to determine precisely why that was,” said Clark.

Three years ago a report by the saint Luke’s institute in Maryland told the diocese that Father Volino should not have contact with children.

But Vather Volino did, teaching at Saint John the Evangelist School in Greece. And before that as a Boy Scout volunteer through Saint Lawrence Church in Greece.

Bishop Clark says he did not have the right system and protocol in place to follow the saint Luke’s recommendation. “I do believe that those who I asked to implement this 05 may have offered some interpretation to the material they received in such fashion that to be teaching in a school with supervision was okay.”

Posted by kshaw at March 18, 2005 06:32 PM