March 18, 2005

Accused Bishop Speaks Out Against Allegations


POSTED: 12:16 pm CST March 18, 2005
UPDATED: 1:13 pm CST March 18, 2005

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Bishop Terry Hornbuckle spoke publicly Friday morning in response to allegations that he sexually assaulted three women who attended his church, Agape Christian Fellowship.

"First of all let me say this: I am here today to share with you that I am unequivocally and emphatically innocent of all of these charges," said Hornbuckle.

Hornbuckle was indicted earlier this week on charges of sexual assault. He has been accused of drugging two of the three women before sexually assaulting them.

"If anyone know me as a person and the things I stand for as a man, as a father, as a husband and as a Christian ... that these are charges that are frivolous and those are accusations that I once again, categorically deny," said Hornbuckle.

Police also said they found between 1 and 4 grams of methamphetamines in his car at the time of his arrest.

"I say this to you, and to my church family and to my family that I know that our day in court will come ... I have confidence in our legal system and I have confidence in my legal council that my innocence will be proven," said Hornbuckle.

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