March 16, 2005

An approach to stop sex abuse: Guest View

Globe Gazette

By LARRY KRAMER, Byron, Minn.

I am a victim of sexual abuse by a priest.

Since hearing that Robert Riess, my abuser, was murdered in Mexico in February, I realized the Catholic Church isn't doing all it can do to stop the abuse.

So knowing I can no longer sit by and let our children continue to be hurt, I sat down and developed a new approach to force the church to change.

My theory is based off running a business. In any business, the only time they make major changes in the way they do business is when they are spending more than they are taking in. This is when they stop and take a careful look at why they are not profitable.

So the same would apply to the Catholic Church. If it is spending more money on sexual abuse cases than the church supporters are bringing in, it will force the hierarchy to take a close look into the "why."

My basic new approach is this: Church members need to withhold money from the church until the hierarchy takes a close look at "why."

Posted by kshaw at March 16, 2005 06:09 AM