March 13, 2005

The Pink Elephant in the Church

The Remant

Fr. Charles Dahlby

As a Catholic priest, I have an investment in issues that affect the Church and the people of God. And, as a Christian, I have an obligation to speak out. So let me make the following points as clearly as I can:

1) Most of the scandals and evils we see in the Church today are brought about primarily by homosexuality. Homosexuality is an objective moral disorder and unacceptable in the priesthood! For nearly two thousand years the teachings of the scripture, the magisterium, and Traditionóthe three sources of revelation which give us truthóhave all agreed: homosexuality as an ďabominationĒ! Only recently have Phil and Oprah and a few TV sitcoms disagreed. But God doesnít change, and Phil and Oprah wonít be on the throne to judge us!

2) Even though Church documents forbid the acceptance of homosexuals into the seminary and, quite obviously, their ordination to the priesthood, those in authority have for years looked the other way, (donít ask, donít tell) and homosexuals have flocked into the Church. Now they have positions of authority! They use this authority to protect and promote one another, creating a distinct subculture that is rapidly becoming dominant. This sub-culture is the ideal homosexual environment. As a priest no one questions why you arenít married. You get respect that you donít necessarily earn. You have a target-rich environment, especially if you have a school, and, if you slip up and get caught, the civil authorities will not want to prosecute you because youíre a priest and, as we have seen, the Church will cover you, defend you, and may set you up in another parish or even another diocese so you can continue to prey on Godís people.

A homosexual predator could not hope to find a more friendly and supportive environment than priesthood in the American Catholic Church!

Posted by kshaw at March 13, 2005 04:23 PM