March 07, 2005

Diocese drive seeks $1,815,000

Kentucky Post

Post staff report

Officials of the Diocese of Covington and leaders of the diocese's annual fund-raising drive say they're confident the request for $1.815 million in donations won't be hampered by news that the diocese is laying off 15 of its 65 employees.

Bishop Roger Foys announced in the latest edition of the Messenger, the diocese's newspaper, that the 15 employees will be let go June 30 because of the financial situation of the diocese.

The Messenger noted that in the past 18 months the diocese has settled 55 sexual abuse claims for $10.5 million, with $3.9 million of that paid by the diocese from its own funds and the rest from the diocese's insurers.

The Kentucky Post reported last week that the diocese may be close to settling a class-action lawsuit that alleges a half-century of covering up sexual abuse by priests.

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