March 03, 2005

Catholic reform group official allegedly denied communion

Lincoln Journal Star

BY KEVIN O'HANLON / The Associated Press

An official with a Catholic reform group that has criticized the church's handling of priest sex-abuse cases says he was denied communion by Lincoln Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz and two other priests.

John Krejci, a former priest and co-founder of the Nebraska chapter of Call to Action, said Bruskewitz denied him communion at Sacred Heart parish on Feb. 7, with "an unfriendly wave of his hand."

"It was kind of like, "Go away!," Krejci said. "Then he spun around and went back to the alter."

Bruskewitz said nothing, Krejci said.

Call to Action has long been critical of how the church handled allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests.

Nebraska's diocese in Lincoln was the only one in the nation to refuse to participate in the Catholic church's sex-abuse survey; Bruskewitz said it was flawed.

The alleged incident with Krejci came some nine years after he and members of several other groups were excommunicated by Bruskewitz a decision Krejci said is still on appeal to the Vatican.

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