February 28, 2005


Macedonian News Agency

Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece will have meetings with the Metropolites of Piraeus, Dimitriados, Kalavriton, Thevon, Nafpaktou, Thessalonikis and Spartis today in search of solutions that will take the Greek Orthodox Church out of the crisis.

Metropolite Theoklitos of Thessaliotida will tender his resignation to the Holy Synod tomorrow assuming the responsibility for the proposal he had made to the Archbishop to use Giosakis, while faithful from Karditsa are getting ready to hold a rally in his support outside the Petraki Monastery.

In an interview with the Athens daily “TA NEA”, Metropolite Theoklitos alleges that the ecclesiastical organization of Chrisopigi was at war with him for 20 years and certain clerics had even involved the state secret service in the effort to find incriminating evidence against him.

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