February 26, 2005

Bishop moves to scrap clerical sex abuse levy

Belfast Telegraph

By William Allen

26 February 2005
The Bishop of Derry will today write to parishioners after scrapping a levy they unknowingly paid to raise cash for victims of clerical sex abuse.

A spokesman for Bishop of Derry Seamus Hegarty said a letter was being prepared for the people of the diocese after the decision was taken to abolish the 3% levy used for the Stewardship Fund.

The controversial cash-raising method angered many parishioners who did not know what the money was being used for.

It is believed Bishop Hegarty's letter will be read out at Masses today and tomorrow.

This follows a meeting of more than 50 priests in Derry yesterday.

After the two-hour meeting, priests said it had been agreed with the bishop that this method of raising funds would be abolished.

A payment was due to be made on Monday, but it is believed the money will now be returned to the parishes.

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