February 25, 2005


Macedonian News Agency

Athens, 25 February 2005

The official stance of Patriarch Ireneaus of Jerusalem will clarify what was the status of the presence of Apostolos Vavilis and Yiannis Triantafillakis in Jerusalem.

The Patriarchate's legal adviser Alexis Kougias stated last night on behalf of Patriarch Ireneaus that the statement of Metropolite of Nazareth according to which the two were sent to the Patriarchate by Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece is not a formal one.

Minister of Education and Religion Marietta Giannakou stated that the government is not raising the issue of the Archbishop's resignation commenting on calls for the resignation of the Archbishop.

The Archbishop stated late last night that the Church is uncompromising in the implementation of the Hierarchy decisions while his close associates attributed the crisis to a well-orchestrated plan that was prepared a long time ago by foreign secret services and politicians.

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