February 24, 2005


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24 février 2005

It is a sad day indeed if so-called lovers of democracy and justice take up arms to defend a defrocked priest who has abused hundreds of boys while a priest in Indiana. What does this say about the morality of Marguerite Laurent, of her network and of her allies, when they defend and protect dangerous social deviants and sociopaths who have caused untold damage and committed unspeakable acts on defenseless young children in the United States and in Haiti ?

Who is Ron Voss ?

Ron Voss is an American who was a Catholic priest in Indiana for many years. In 1997, many years before the well-publicized hunt for sexual predators in the Catholic Church resulted in arrests and convictions, the Indianapolis Star published a series of investigative articles which identifid Ron Voss as a pedophile and sexual predator. This happened four years after he fled the United States to settle in Haiti, with the complicity of his superiors in the Catholic Church - Bishop William Higi in particular who has made a career out of protecting pedophile priests and sabotaging investigations into sexual crimes committed by these sexual predators. What is interesting is that Ron Voss has gone back to callim himself a PRIEST in Haiti, when in fact he chose to return to lay life to escape prosecution and a church inquiry in Indiana. [1] [2] [3]

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