February 24, 2005

'Sins' - no squeamish, apologetic sexual exploitation:

New Kerala

[Cinema India, Bollywood]: Film: "Sins"; Cast: Shiny Ahuja, Seema Rahman, Nitesh Pande; Director: Vinod Pande; Scriptwriter: Vinod Pande.

It's so easy to jump the gun and label this film as sexy and sacrilegious. But to dump "Sins" among the cheesy stuff is to miss the whoop for the spree.

"Sins" is certainly not a sinful pretext for gratuitous sex and nudity.

Ripping a cruel page out of the newspapers, writer-director Vinod Pande has reconstructed a dramatic and often shocking tale of forbidden love between a Catholic priest and a junior disciple.

Posted by kshaw at February 24, 2005 07:58 AM