February 23, 2005

Catholic Church Continues its Healing Process


Nichole Vrsansky

The U.S. Catholic Church releases its annual child protection audit. It's a yearly report card on how churches are dealing with child abuse policies. Here’s what the audit says about the Rockford Diocese.

The Rockford Diocese gets a passing grade on its child protection audit, but the Diocese doesn't go without new allegations of sexual abuse.

Diocesan spokesperson Penny Wiegert says seven people came forward with allegations against former priest, William Joffee.

The actions all happened between 20 and 29 years ago. Those were things reported in 2004, not things that allegedly happened in 2004," says Diocesan spokesperson Penny Wiegert.

Joffee was relieved of his duties more than 10 years ago. Proof, Weigert says, that the Rockford Diocese has no tolerance for sexual abuse.

Posted by kshaw at February 23, 2005 07:18 AM