February 22, 2005

Stay away from women and the telly, sadhus told

Express India

Rajkot, February 22: With the sex-on-CDs creating quite a controversy, trustees of the Radharaman Swaminaryan temple in Junagadh (Vadtal sect) now want to keep the sadhus on the straight and narrow. The new code of conduct announced on Monday bars contact and conversation with women, ownership of private property and all luxury items including the telly.

At a meeting on Monday attended by all nine members of the Radharaman Trust of Junagadh Swaminarayan temple, including chairman Devnandan Das, new rules were framed barring sadhus from owning private property and making any kind of investment. It was also decided that all luxury items should be removed from the rooms/houses of sadhus, their bank balances monitored and all violations of guidelines would invite punishment.

However, the board has not yet decided what to do about sadhus who already own property worth several lakhs and have heavily invested in the stock market, real estate and gold market.

Posted by kshaw at February 22, 2005 05:35 PM