February 21, 2005

Speaking Out About Priest Abuse


Eastern Iowans speak out about more allegations of sexual abuse in the catholic church.

For many Eastern Iowans, the reports are no longer shocking. The latest audit by the catholic church shows nearly three dozen new complaints of sexual abuse by catholic priests in Eastern Iowa.

Going to church every Sunday is a ritual for some Eastern Iowans. But attending meetings to support victims of sexual abuse in the catholic church is a choice Mary and David Hacker make on a regular basis. David Hacker says, "I was from a parish in Waterloo where there was abuse and some of it is starting to come out now. And also, I felt strongly that the people here in Davenport, the bishop was responding as a person who went through a lawsuit rather than as a Christian."

St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Iowa City is part of the Davenport Diocese. Church members dealt with news of sexual abuse in the Davenport Diocese after thirty-eight men came forward saying they were abused by priests when they were children. Mary Hacker says, "many catholics think since the suit is settled, the whole thing is gone, and we're afraid people will forget what happened to these people."

Posted by kshaw at February 21, 2005 06:05 PM