February 20, 2005

"Voice Of The Faithful" Letter Takes On Church Leadership


Reported by: Becky Freemal
Web produced by: Neil Relyea
Photographed by: 9News
2/20/2005 10:09:47 AM
As the Cincinnati Archdiocese's Archbishop asks for funding, a group of Catholics concerned about church leadership are asking people to join them in showing their disdain for him.

The group who calls themselves "Voice of the Faithful," will be handing letters to Catholics throughout the Archdiocese, which includes the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

It's an effort they kicked off Sunday, passing out the letters at Holy Angels Church in Dayton and they hope to get all 19 counties in the diocese by the end of Lent -- either in-person at churches or in the mail.

There's no coincidence in the timing of this letter.

The "Voice of the Faithful" are sending these letters out at the exact time that Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk is heading up the annual "Archbishop Fund Drive."

Posted by kshaw at February 20, 2005 11:40 AM