February 19, 2005

Church warned to reform


On the eve of a meeting by top churchmen to discuss the alleged trial-fixing, corruption and sex scandals besetting the Church of Greece, government sources warned yesterday that unless swift internal action is taken the State will be forced to intervene in the running of the Church.

“We conveyed the message, by every means, that there can be no leeway whatsoever for delays... and that if the Church fails to act with the required speed and effectiveness the State will be forced to intervene,” the source told Kathimerini.

Meanwhile, reactions grew to an article posted on the official Church website on Wednesday — but disowned by the Church yesterday — bemoaning attacks against the clergy by what it called “a political and journalistic circus.” Government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros said he did not consider himself a member of any circus, while opposition leader George Papandreou denounced the “libelous” text and called for a referendum on separating Church from State.

Posted by kshaw at February 19, 2005 04:29 PM