February 19, 2005

Hierarchy gives vote of confidence to Archbishop Christodoulos

Athens News Agency

Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens and All Greece on Friday received a vote of confidence from the Church Hierarchy, at the opening of a crucial two-day meeting convened to discuss scandals that have been plaguing the Church and reforms. The vote of confidence was initiated by Christodoulos himself after Metropolitan Germanos of Ileia put forward an issue of dispute of the Archbishop to the Hierarchy.

A total of 67 Hierarchs cast votes of confidence in Christodoulos, while four Hierarchs -- the Metropolitans of Zakynthos, Corinth, Ioannina and Filippi -- abstained and simply declared their presence, two Hierarchs -- the Metropolitans of Goumenissa and Mesogaia -- voted blank, and only one Hierarch, the Metropolitan of Peristeri, voted against the Archbishop.

Christodoulos apologised to the Greek people, and the Church clerics who were beleaguered by the scandals, and launched a counter-attack against journalists, tv programmes and "those forces working to marginalise the Church".

"I humbly apologise to the beleagured and devoted people, and to the holy clergy, the overwhelming majority of whom struggle daily and honour their humble and heroic priestly robes," Christodoulos said.

He said that the situation was very serious, and required strong action, rather than "bandages".

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