February 19, 2005

Judge balks at potential cost in diocese's case

Tucson Citizen

Tucson Citizen

The federal bankruptcy judge overseeing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson's Chapter 11 case grilled lawyers for nearly two hours yesterday on how they will determine the number of unknown claimants in the case.
Any settlement must set aside money for future claimants - adults with repressed memory and minors who are unable to report allegations of abuse by priests.

Forty-six claims have been filed since the diocese sought reorganization in October.

Whether the claims are valid has not been determined.

Claims are expected to be filed as minors grow older and eventually report abuse and as adults who recover memories of abuse by priests come forward.

Susan Boswell, chief bankruptcy attorney for the diocese, said the diocese estimates about 2 percent of its clergy members over the years have had credible claims of sexual misconduct made against them.

The diocese is trying to come up with a figure, based in part on that percentage and the number of its parishes - 75 - to determine how many claimants will step forward.

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