February 19, 2005

Priest's lawyer disputes claim

The Janesville Gazette

(Published Saturday, February 19, 2005)

By Mike Heine
Gazette Staff

ELKHORN-The attorney for a Chicago priest charged with indecent behavior with a child in incidents almost 40 years ago wanted to immediately challenge the validity of the criminal complaint Friday afternoon.

But the attorney for priest Donald McGuire was told that he'd have to schedule another date to file motions.

McGuire was in Walworth County Court on Friday afternoon for two felony charges of indecent behavior with a child, incidents that allegedly occurred in the mid- to late 1960s at a Fontana home.

"I'm anticipating challenging a 39-year-old allegation that gives a period of 16 months to figure out what supposed date it happened. And where it happened, I don't even have an address," defense attorney Gerald P. Boyle said of the complaint, which he called insufficient.

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