February 11, 2005

30 names added to claimants vs. Catholic Diocese

Tucson Citizen

Tucson Citizen

Thirty names will be added today to the list of 16 individuals who earlier filed claims with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tucson seeking damages for alleged sexual misconduct by priests from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.
Who the claimants are is confidential, by law.

Judge James Marlar, the U.S. Bankruptcy judge hearing the Chapter 11 case filed by the diocese in October, said he was pleased to hear yesterday that the diocese plans to publish another round of notices in the media to encourage more claimants to come forward by the court's deadline.

Those filing claims have until April 18 to submit documents called "proof of claim" to the bankruptcy court. The claim forms are provided free by the diocese.

Marlar sparred yesterday with Susan Boswell, the diocese's chief bankruptcy attorney, over her request for a 180-day extension to complete the diocese's proposed settlement plan, which is due March 18.

He said March 18 is a reasonable date.

"Your request is nothing more than window dressing," Marlar said. "I'm going to up the pressure on you to get to that disclosure hearing on time - at the time already set."

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