February 09, 2005

Victim advocates: Throw book at Shanley

Boston Herald

By Marie Szaniszlo
Wednesday, February 9, 2005

A day after Paul Shanley was convicted of fondling and raping a Sunday school student, victim advocates yesterday called for a lengthy prison sentence to ensure the defrocked priest never harms a child again.

``The ideal sentence is one that keeps these guys off the street for as long as possible because they're never going to come to a true understanding of the harm they've done,'' said Carmen Durso, who represents seven of Shanley's alleged victims.

A Middlesex County jury deliberated for 14 hours before finding Shanley, 74, guilty of molesting a boy in the 1980s at St. Jean's parish in Newton.

Shanley's attorney, Frank Mondano, yesterday blamed the verdict on worldwide media coverage of the case and said he would appeal.

``These folks had an agenda,'' Mondano said of the jury of seven men and five women. ``All of them wanted to be on this jury. The question was why, and now that's been answered.''

An alternate juror, Eric Korsh of Newton, yesterday said he was ``vaguely aware'' that Shanley was one of several priests who had been accused of molesting children. ``But at the end of closing arguments, I was leaning toward not guilty,'' he said. ``There was some very emotional and compelling testimony from the victim, but also some serious questions raised by the defense.''

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