February 03, 2005

Revelations: Faith betrayed (Part 5)


Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - by Megan Baldino

Chicago, Illinois - When 34 men came forward accusing Deacon Joseph Lundowski of sexually abusing them as children, many questions surfaced about who Lundowski is. The church says it has little record of Lundowski, saying that he was simply a lay volunteer.

Despite the lawsuit, officials haven't tried to track him down.

In the darkest days of winter, the secrets of a small church on the edge of Alaska's Norton Sound are finally being exposed.

“He pulled my pants down and I was holding them like this, and he unbuckled and un-zippered my pants and pulled it down, and I keep asking what he was doing and he said I'll find out,” said Peter Kobuk, who is James Doe 18 in the lawsuit.

The man Kobuk is referring to is Deacon Joseph Lundowski, now accused by 34 men of sexually abusing them as children -- the largest case of alleged clergy sex abuse in Alaska.

“He was a big heavy-set person, very strong,” Kobuk says.

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