January 31, 2005

'Twist' promotes healing

Toledo Blade

NOBODY likes to have their dirty laundry aired in public, and certainly Toledo would prefer to be thrust onto the national stage for its contributions to jazz or its place in industrial history rather than for its part in the national clergy-abuse scandal. Sometimes, however, as in the case of the documentary Twist of Faith, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival recently, it is painfully necessary.

The movie, by veteran filmmaker Kirby Dick, is about the sex-abuse scandal that rocked the Toledo Catholic Diocese, seen primarily through the anguish of one man, Toledo firefighter Tony Comes, who claims he was abused as a teen by Toledo priest Dennis Gray.

Mr. Gray, who left the priesthood in 1987, was forced to step down as dean of students at Rogers High School in September, 2002, after The Blade revealed allegations of sexual misconduct while he was a priest. He denied the allegations.

Most of the cases against the diocese were settled out of court and Mr. Comes received a $55,000 settlement.

Posted by kshaw at January 31, 2005 07:10 AM